Desperate baby orangutan clings to its mother after its parent is tranquilized by animal rescue workers

This is the heartbreaking moment a baby ape refuses to leave its mother after the parent was shot by tranquilizers.  It was shot with the darts because the pair were found starving to death on a plantation in a village in Borneo.  The two orangutans had been forced from their homes when forest fires destroyed huge swathes of their habitat.

Without the help of the International Animal Rescue, the two apes would likely have starved to death.  Rescue workers used tranquilizer darts to prise the terrified pair from their home in a tree.

This is the heart-breaking moment a tiny baby orangutan desperately clung to his mother moments after the starving ape had been tranquilized by rescue workers.
Staring into the camera with human-like emotion, the baby ape acts just as a child would clinging to his mother.  The malnourished pair were rescued from a plantation in Borneo after their natural habitat was destroyed by forest fires.

Despite starving, the female orangutan was so fierce in her determination not to let rescuers near her baby it took three tranquilizer darts before she fell and landed safely in nets.

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