NASA Time-Lapse Video Shows A Year In The Life Of The Sun

Catching a clear view of the sun at sunrise or sunset is a treat, but watching a full year of the sun's activity in mere minutes : That's scientific!

A new time-lapse video, captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft, shows the sun's entire 2015 -- and it's awesome.

The footage, released last week, shows the sun in extreme ultraviolet, a wavelength that human eyes normally cannot see.  This allows us to view all of the activity that occurs in the sun's atmosphere, including solar filaments (arcs of plasma), coronal mass ejections (large explosions of magnetized plasma) and solar flares (flashes of light caused by the sudden release of energy). The sun's activity is so hypnotic and graceful that it's easy to forget how insanely hot solar material is.

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