Cancer Astro Predictions 2016

The first half of the year will be fruitful in some areas of life. The first half you will be shining in areas that are favorable to you. For some, it will be time for expansion in business clients and networking. Investing in speculative business may not be a bad idea but invest with caution. For some of you should draw strength from communication, writing, arts, travel, sales, marketing and media and use to your advantage. This is time to draw courage and propose to your lady love as wedding bells will ring for those who are waiting to get married. You might have to work harder and longer to fulfill your goals. It is advisable to still have a control on the food you eat and curb your unnecessary enthusiasm. Patience is the key to your success! From second half onwards for some of you, things will look positive solutions in resolving financial issues. Foreign travel and spiritual studies may prove fruitful. Try to be more sensitive and caring towards your father, teachers and gurus, as it will amplify your dharma. Try to create harmony with mother and be careful when investing in Real Estate. This is time to introspect and be careful with your loved ones as you may cause some pain if you still carry on with your illusionary activities.It is better to meditate as peace with God will give the calmest of mind and will keep you in balance. For some be careful and control your expenditures during the latter part of the year. Those who ride the wave will surely make this year a successful year and will gain more in this year.










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