Leo Astro Predictions 2016

Leos the first year will be exciting again and hope it is carrying forward good things from the last year. Just start preparing for potential troubles that may come the way. For some, in the early half of the year will still need to deal with legal, debt and losses matters. However, this should change from the mid-year and should have positive outlook. It can also bring hot passionate romance that is known about Leon people as lady luck will be all over you. Be grounded and reign in your overly airy dominance and have patience in any purchases related to house, car, as well as behavior among and have patience in any purchases related to house, car and behavior within your family members. Patience which is dominant trait of Leo when in hunting mode should be the attitude to address these issues. Try not to take any short cuts in your career path, and remain focused and committed to your work. As the year passes on, some of you will see in increase your worldly desires and income. You may become vocal and your domineering nature will be more prominent. You need to be careful be gentle with your loved ones and avoid creating unnecessary troubles to your opponents. Overall 2016 promises abundant guidance and the forces will be assisting you to press the right buttons in having a comfortable path.





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