Pisces Astro Predictions 2016

2016 should be year to focus on previous efforts and tune in to reality. The first half will be drawing towards spirituality and you will be focusing on stronger spiritual awareness. This is time you focus on learning and communication skills. Your spiritual energy will bring positive change in you and so will your reputation soars and you will get results due to your past efforts. Your partner will give you lot of support and courage to face all challenges. The second half of the year will be packed with events, so get a good organizer to get organized. You can expect victory and immense prosperity in 2016. Your children will give you immense pleasure and you may even expand your family by having more children. Your luck and creative energy will be shining for those in the field of entertainment, sports and or any speculative business. This is time for actors, creative artist and public speakers. Be careful with finance related matters as you may find your luck pretty good in field of finance and may invest blindly without doing any proper due diligence. You may develop a very strong bond with father and teachers during this period. Stay calm, meditate and focus on great things as you are on to something big. 





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