Scorpio Astro Predictions 2016

2016 will be mixed year for Scorpios both on home front and in career. Be wary of relationship and put lot of efforts in maintaining harmony within family especially with regards to mother. It is time to bring you to travel away from your native land. Be prudent and careful when investing in real estates and land. However,through your communication you will able to articulate and win over your enemies and express yourself so that your loved ones will understand you and will give you support during these times. During the second half, for some of you will see beneficial results in all aspects of life: be it career or family and you will be seeing positive results for any professional matters with success. You can expect a sudden inflow of money during this period. Your social circles will increase giving you a chance to network with foreigners. Your siblings will make you proud with their rapid growth and success. Be a tad bit careful with your communications related to bosses and seniors. It is better to mediate and keep calm and be at peace.







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