Virgo Astro Predictions 2016

Virgo pull up your socks and get ready for battle that would test your patience and inner force at best, or you will be drown in the world of illusion and show extreme enthusiasm to achieve impossible goals. This year for some of Virgos will impact life pertaining to leadership, courage and purpose of your life, which should make this year prosperous. However, for some, the year can be turbulent and can be tough if planets are not aligned properly. It is good to be humble and take success and failure in same stride. The first half of the year will be beneficial for some and will bring luck. Further for those who are married and with kids, will be fruitful and blissful. Virgo being sign of perfectionist can always create tensions because of obstinate and obsession to being perfectionist.For some of you, be careful in expenses and it can be time for losses in speculative business. Better to seek for philosophical goals and it is time to focus on philosophical and spiritual matters. By the way, don’t be surprised if sudden love or marriage occurs for single Virgos.





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