HOT TURF TIPS – 33e Journée

1e course - 1400 M (0-20)

Notre favori: Punter’s King
Danger principal: Right To Tango
Tiercé: Punter’s King – Right To Tango – Mr Oshkosh

2e course – 1365 M (B 36)

Notre favori: All Magic
Danger principal: It’s My Party
Tiercé: All Magic – It’s My Party – Tigre Libre

3e course – 1650 M (B 41)

Notre favori: Viento Magico
Danger principal: Prince Lateral
Tiercé: Viento Magico – Prince Lateral – Rebel’s Game

4e course – 1400 M (B 46)

Notre favori: Racing For Fun
Danger principal: Burg
Tiercé: Racing For Fun – Burg – Elusive Love

5e course – 1600 M (B 51)

Notre favori: Bandido Caballero
Danger principal: Seven Fountains
Tiercé: Bandido Caballero – Seven Fountains – Argun

6e course – 1365 M (B 56)

Notre favori: The Tripster
Danger principal: Jambamman
Tiercé: The Tripster – Jambamman - Chosen Dash

7e course – 1650 M (B 31)

Notre favori: Tornado Man
Danger principal: Avail
Tiercé: Tornado Man – Avail – Mount Fuji

8e course – 1400 M (0-30)
Notre favori: Burwaaz
Danger principal: Red China
Tiercé: Burwaaz – Red China – Brave Leader

Top tip: Racing For Fun
Top Outsider: Viento Magico – Bandido Caballero

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