10 Tips for a Healthy Meal

  • Instead of using whole eggs, use double the number of egg whites for a heart healthy dish


  • Halve the salt content in your recipes. Improve flavour by stepping up the garlic or onion content.


  • Onions can be an important source of antioxidants if cut ten minutes before being eaten.


  • Use whole wheat whenever your recipe calls for flour. Oatmeal, flax, bran, wheat germ and soy flour also works wonders.


  • Honey is sweeter than sugar. So you should use less honey when you use it as a substitute for sugar.


  • Herbs, vinegar, tomatoes and onions help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


  • The brighter the colour of the vegetable, the more nutrients it will contain.


  • Always store cheese wrapped tightly in plastic. Air helps mold grow on cheese.


  • Red meat can be healthy and is a good source of protein if using lean cuts.


  • When buying canned tuna, fruit or other food, choose options that are preserved in water or their own juices rather than in oil.