Feng Shui Your Way to Wealth

Wealth and money - You’re either born into it, earn it or in the rarest of rare cases have it thrust on you. But there seems to be a much sought after way of attracting wealth through the ancient traditions of Feng Shui.

-Pay attention to the entry point of wealth. The ‘mouth of Chi’ or the front door needs to be protected using Feng Shui symbols of abundance and wealth.
-Keep your house clutter free! Not only does it affect the mind’s balance, it also hampers the flow of ‘chi’ or energy which is important if you want to attract wealth.
-Place wealth totems and symbols across your house like the wealth ships and dragons to make it conducive to money making.
-The single most important aspect of attracting wealth is the fish symbol. If you can’t have a koi pond or an aquarium, just make sure you keep artifacts around your home.
-Locate the wealth zone of your house and keep it neat. Decorate with the traditional Feng Shui totems of money even if that zone is your kitchen or bathroom.

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