Grooming Tips to Help You Ace Your Interview !

Interviews are an important part of our careers, and we are under tremendous pressure, in a time-bound environment, to impress with our personality and know-how of the subject. Unfortunately, our looks are judged from the moment we walk into the interview room, and that somewhere starts defining the conversation forward.

  • Less is more when it comes to accessories: Anything that may end up distracting the interviewer must be avoided. So nothing chunky, or over-the-top. Minimal accessorizing in terms of jewellery pieces, belts, brooches, purses is advised.


  • Hair neatly tied or cut, giving the face a clear look: Open, unmanaged hair, crowding or covering the face, take away the seriousness of the meeting. Hence, it is vital that the face is clearly visible from a distance as well, for an interview comprises not only verbal, but also non-verbal communication like facial expressions, body language and so on.


  • Research the establishment environment: Companies are very big on 'organizational culture' these days, and an integral part of it is dressing. Whether formal, semi-formal or casual, please research it well enough to not look out of place in the first glance. You should look the part, to be a part of anything. Hence, dress accordingly.


  • Well-fitted, ironed garments: As a token of mutual respect, wear decent outfits, neither too tight, too revealing nor too loose. If you can't wear a well-fitting, ironed outfit, how can an interviewer find you a befitting resource who will be able to iron out situations and be a solution provider and not be a messed up, problem child?


  • Personal hygiene: Always remember to treat others like you would want to be treated. Hence, body odour and smelly breaths have no place, especially, in an interview room. Use a mild eau de toilette or perfume, nothing too overbearing, to smell fresh. Drink water or chew gum before enter the meeting if you find your breath smelling. The gum should be disposed before meeting begins!


  • Basic makeup: To evenly tone the facial skin and hide any blemishes, discolouring or marks, makeup is a good tool. Used in excess, however, it can be another big distracting factor from the major course of discussions and actions.


  • Carry a neat bag: For a calm, collected presence, avoid carrying multiple things in your hands like papers, pens, notepads, wallets, purses, laptops, folders and so on. Always have a decent, neat, not-too-overstuffed bag to carry all desired material for your interview. This will help keep your hands clean and available for a firm hand shake.


  • Footwear: We’re talking decent, clean, well-fitting, polished shoes with fresh socks for guys, and sandals, peep-toes or pumps with decent heels to a maximum of 2 inches high for girls. A point that the girls must bear in mind is that the entrance to the interview room is the first point of impression. Shoes that make too much noise or that make your walk look awkward creates a hole in your first impression and, hence, the right heel and the right fit are vital.


Last but not the least, remember it is work that you are meeting for, not for a party. So behave, dress and express in the desired professional manner.

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